About Us

Rev. Tom L. Foster, Bishop
Email: tfoster@dallasfirstchurch.com
Tom Foster was born in Tupelo, Mississipi on June 1, 1954. The first of twins, he claims that was the first and last race in which he ever beat his twin brother, Tim.  The family settled in West Monroe, Louisiana when his father, Dr. Fred Foster, took the pastorate of The Pentecostals of the Twin Cities.Tom graduated from West Monroe High School and received his Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Planning to attend Georgetown University to obtain his Law Degree, Pastor Foster changed his plans after a late night prayer meeting. He completed his Master’s Degree and married his high school sweetheart, Gayla Hayden. Setting out on the journey God laid out for them, they evangelized for several years...Pastor Foster preaching and Sis. Foster ministering in song, music and worship.

One day he was invited to preach in a small Dallas church.  (The ceiling so low you could touch it with the palm of your hand from the podium!) That very night he was voted in as pastor. From that moment on, Tom and Gayla have been God’s tools for healing hurts and building people in the North Texas area.  The buildings we presently occupy stand as symbols of what God can do with two dedicated servants.

Both Bro. & Sis. Foster travel throughout the United States where they are in demand as keynote speakers. Gayla Foster writes a regular column on holistic health and alternative medicine in the UPCI 'Reflections' Magazine. This is a subject she is personally familiar with as, at a young age, she was told that she would spend the rest of her life on dialysis.  However, she refused to accept that prognosis and dedicated herself to finding a cure via a healthy diet.  Thus she has remained vibrant and dialysis-free!  The Fosters reside in Ovilla, Texas where Pastor has his horses within arms reach and Gayla has plenty of space for her organic garden.