When we submit to water baptism according to

God’s plan, God honors our obedient faith and

remits our sin. Therefore, baptism must be part of the

new birth, for how could there be a new, spiritual life

until the old life of sin is erased? Until sin and its

punishment are washed away there can be no

eternal life in God’s kingdom

Baptism was taught by Jesus 

as part of the new birth experience.

John 3:5, Matthew 28:19, Mark 16:16

Baptism requires the literal use of water.

John 3:23, Acts 8:36, Acts10:47-48

Baptism must be by immersion.

Immersion is the only mode of baptism the

Bible records. The word baptism comes from

the Greek word bapto, which means “to dip.”

Matthew 3:16, Mark 1:10, Acts 8:38-39

Baptism must be in Jesus Name.

Christian baptism is to be administered

“in the name of Jesus.” This means to invoke or call

the name Jesus orally at water baptism.

Acts 2:38, Acts 8:12,16, Acts 10:48,

Acts 19:5, Acts 22:16


Baptism in Jesus Name

is the only way to be saved.

Acts 4:12, Acts 2:21, Acts 10:43

"Jesus answered, Verily, verily,

I say unto thee, except a man be

born of water and of the Spirit,

he cannot enter into the

kingdom of God."

John 3:5