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This year we’ll be expressing our unique version of Holy Week beginning April 1 with Passover Dinner Gatherings and concluding April 9 with Easter Sunday. We are praying, fasting and positioning ourselves for the Lord to use us to help build the church. This week-long expression of worship and unity will be a powerful surge in DFC - now is the time to be in with all you have.

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April 1-2
Passover Dinner Gatherings

We believe it is beneficial to study & celebrate Passover as it leads to a greater understanding and appreciation for Christ’s death and resurrection. Our Gare Groups will be hosting large-format gatherings that are great if you're interersted in big groups, and if not, we'd love for you to create and host your own, more intimate, dinner gathering with family or close loved ones.

April 3
Monday Night All-Church
Prayer Meeting

7:00pm in the Sanctuary. Join us we we pursue the Lord with powerful, unified focused prayer.

April 5
Wednesday Night Communion

7:00pm in the Sanctuary. We'll be remembering and honoring the sacrifice of Christ.

April 7
Good Friday Worship Night

7:00pm in the Activity Center. The purpose and desire is to remember, honor, and worship the Lord primarily with music, scripture, and a devotion from Pastor. The vision is to express our worship in a more intimate setting with only the necessary tech, and to flow in an atmosphere of praise, prayer, fellowship, and unity. 

April 9
Easter Sunday

10:00am in the Sanctuary. Join us we we celebrate the risen savior, Jesus Christ. Kids Church will happen in the Activity Center, followed by our annual Egg Hunt.

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