Family Sunday copy.png

Family Sunday is about celebrating relationships that enrich and challenge us to live our faith. The word of God teaches us to train up our children in the way which they should go. God told the Israelites that they should come alongside their children and teach them about who He is, and how they need to worship and serve Him.


Here at Dallas First Church we want to ensure each family gets the opportunity to do that here on Sunday Morning. Children learn by example, and we want to set that example as a church. Bring your children to serve with you, teach them to worship and pray as the Spirit moves, and help them receive the Word from God. On Family Sunday we encourage parents to be engaged with their children on every level.


Our children need to learn how to Grow Spiritually, Fellowship Consistently, and Serve Passionately with the entire church family. 

This happens once a quarter. There will be NO Kids Church on these days.