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DFC Choir

Thank you for your interest in being part of the DFC Adult Choir.


We are more than just a group of people singing together. We strive to build relationships with one another and pursue growth musically & spiritually. Our purpose and desire is to lead people towards God in worship selflessly, inconspicuously, and with skill.

This year, the choir will be singing Sunday December 17 as part of our annual Christmas Worship Service.


& Requirements

1. A heart for worshiping God

2. Spirit-filled and baptized in Jesus Name

3. Have completed DFC First Steps

4. Able to work in a team setting

5. Able to take directions

6. Must constantly pursue spiritual growth

7. Must possess a natural ability in music and singing

8. Easily match pitch with others

9. Commit to attending rehearsals

10. Comfortable on stage and expressive in praise and worship before God

To sign up simply submit the form below.

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