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Easter is a time of hope, renewal, and joy as we commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Whether you're a regular member of our congregation or seeking a spiritual connection this Easter season, we welcome you with open arms to join us for this powerful time of worship.

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A night of music, praise, prayer, and the word. Join us for this powerful evening of worship and Communion.

March 29 at 7:30

in the Sanctuary

DFC Good Friday Worship Night
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All are welcome. Come and expect a friendly atmosphere, energetic worship, and a spirit filled bible-based message from Pastor Tom Foster.

March 31 at 10:00

in the Sanctuary

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We have a safe environment that offers the opportunity to experience the gospel of Jesus in a kid-friendly way. New guests should make time for the detailed check-in process.

March 31 at 10:00

in the Activity Center

followed by our annual Egg Hunt

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