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A 9 month journey of spiritual growth with enriching fellowship and nurturing discussion to deepen our understanding of faith, life, and everything in between.

Next Study Meeting:

Sunday May 19

4:00pm in the Sanctuary

Come with your book. Come with your heart and mind opened to Jesus. Come ready to take your first firm step towards spiritual freedom.

2024 Material | Christians and Strongholds

Sometimes our behavioral patterns and thought processes stem from issues in our lives such as hurt, anger, bitterness, jealousy, resentment and pride. Many times we are taught to just "pray through" or “deal with it,” and push these symptoms into the corner of our mind, never getting to the root of the issues. While we are busy trying to cure or justify symptoms, stone upon stone, the walls of internal bondage are being spiritual strongholds are constructed. Most of the time we do not even recognize what is happening because we are so overly controlled by our emotions. Through the pages of this book, may the Lord Jesus reveal the truth and responsibility needed to grasp, and actually receive, freedom ...God's way. 

Don't miss the quarterly Q&A

April 28, July 28, and October 27 will feature a discussion panel, light snacks & refreshments, and an opportunity to hear your questions about the current completed  book chapters answered.

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