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What DFC has done for me is truly remarkable. In September 23' I needed a church to go to and my grandma from Florida found DFC. I went and everyone was so welcoming, and very kind. I met Pastor Julien and he got me involved in the youth group. God brought me to DFC for a reason and I think that reason is to see what it means to be a Christian. I was a little nervous at first, but after I went to the Youth Retreat I broke out of my nervous shell and I've never been happier. All glory to God for bringing me here.


-Christian P.

In 2022, we moved from a 3-bedroom/3-bath house. School started in August, and I wondered how things were going to be for Ian; new school, new faces, new home. I thank God because of Ian’s make up and Godly influence from Godly men from DFC and DFC Youth, Ian was able to make the transition smoothly. God is making him into a champion.”


-Opal R.


When I first went to the youth group/church I was nervous and thought I wouldn’t have any friends. But people are actually really nice and be-friend you quickly. It makes you feel better about going. It has also helped me build a relationship with God even though I didn’t think I would.”


-Rebekah S.

DFC has done a lot for my family. my dad was the biggest inspiration for me to start going to church. I believe that if the church helped us, it can help you. The Lord has helped me and my family when we needed it the most and I know He’s working in us. I thank DFC for being there for us anytime we need help.

-Ezequiel G.


Before joining DFC youth I was extremely depressed. I joined a P7 Club at my school and I found out about this church through the P7 club leader, Daniela. She invited me to her church and in my first visit everyone was so welcoming and loving. They treated me as if they already knew me, and like we were family. You could feel the love of Jesus radiating off of each of them. Instantly I felt like a huge weight was lifted and I knew that this was where I was meant to be. Now I can’t imagine my life without DFC. I have learned to love Jesus and love others. My relationship with God is now stronger than ever, and I finally have a place to belong. I love DFC with all my heart, they have truly saved my life and changed it forever.

-Ashanti J.

The first day I went to DFC youth I was scared, I didn’t know anyone, and it wasn’t entertaining to me. But, when I started talking with the other youth, I started to realize it was pretty cool. All of the friends I have now have helped me on my journey with the Lord and I'm blessed to have all of them in my life. I'm thankful for the ones that brought me to church and have helped me grow closer to the Lord.

-Gavin W.


“The church is my family and I always feel so loved when I go to church. There is so much unity, I can see that we all have such a desire and hunger for the things of God. One thing that I love about our church is that we are willing to go out and share the love of Jesus with others any way we can.”


-Daniela S.

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